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Bullying: BIG Ideas from young people.

Using technology to communicate your policy:
Welbourne Primary school in Haringey has posters on their walls, showing the peer supporters - when you point your phone at the poster you get an interactive video telling you how you can get help! They also made a stunning video to convey their school's Anti -Bullying policy to all the school community.
You can view it here 

Passmores Academy took part in making an advert for Anti-Bullying week that was played at a One Direction concert. View it  here

'They Were Wrong!'
A video from Okehampton College  Anti-Bullying Committee, Devon, organised by Mr. Philippe Messer and made by Phoebe Dawe, Eliza Crawford, Aya Labib, Daisy Perkins and Daisy Mander.



Bars and Melody - 2 boys wow Britian's Got Talent with their anti-bullying song watch the video of Leondre Devries and Charlie Lenehan.  here



This collage artwork was created by Mascalls Academy


A new song by Eloise Chambers, 
Actionwork  ambasssador Eloise Chambers performs her song 'Being Me'. This song was inspired by experiences of bullying Eloise had as a child at school, learning that you don't have to worry about what other people say about you, just believe in yourself. Listen here

New poems that have really moved us.

From Rebecca Sproat, 'Does it make a difference?' Here  

and from Isabella Troy,  'Ana' Here 

About Isabella: 'I started writing poetry around a year ago after being bullied online. I was picked out for having a phobia of clowns and the person used that phobia against me. I was terrified and very paranoid, at one point I was scared to walk home on my own because I though (even though it was stupid) that there was going to be something following me or there as I replica watches walked. I couldn't really tell anyone so i turned to writing poetry that really helped me out. I found I could get my feelings out through it and also focus on someone elses problems.  The people I write about are all made up characters but I create them through using a specific problem (for example anorexia) and writing from there. I'm quite a happy person but the poetry I write tends to be rather dark because it's my way of getting out negative feelings.' 

A poem from Alannah   Download


Life as a 16 year old girl growing up on Facebook is tough

Read what blogger Yolanda Shamash says about recording her every move on facebook since she was 12. Yolanda blogs about life from her generation’s point of view at

New Video jpg
Hello, My name is Mariah Parks, I am 18 years old and recently graduated from high school. I decided for my senior project to make an anti-bullying video based on my own experience. I wanted to show that it is ok to be different and to be true to yourself. The feedback I have received so far has been very positive. Please feel free to post or share and help to make a difference.

Thank You, Maria Parks  View the video

See behind the scenes in the making of this video    

Taylor Swift: 'Mean'
Feel like singing her song Mean? Here are the lyrics

Could you fight  bullying when playing the Angry Birds game?

On the 22nd March a new level will be launched.

Angry Birds Space players will unlock a secret Golden Egg level when they support MTV’s “A THIN LINE” campaign, which fights digital abuse, bullying and discrimination.

You’ll receive a hint to access the secret level when you post a positive action on MTV’s Draw Your Line app. A positive action can be anything, such as pledging to step in when you witness online bullying, changing your email and social media passwords, and spreading A THIN LINE resources on Twitter and Facebook.




 'Mum, can I have facebook? 'Read Taylor's arguments and advice here.



Read what happened to Lewis

Do you have a story to tell or an idea about how to stop bullying or help a friend? Please email us at






Online Blues - a poem, read this and write your own! HERE

Great graphic design, poster for students gets the policy across at Oasis Academy, Media City.Top page  Here   Bottom page Here



15 year old's great song
Megan Landry wrote an original song 'Stronger' which she has sent us. We love it.

Listen here



 jpg jpg

Film Review: Let's Fight it Together - by Scarlet. Read here


Art attacks bullying: these posters are by Liam Wilford and Cara Sharatt of Heathfield Comuunity College, why not send us yours?


Aaron in year 5 at St Godrics RC Primary created this picture of the work of the buddies.


What children Say


Understanding the Bully.

Circle time or focus group discussions are excellent ways to explore attitudes to bullying without identifying any particular individual who is a victim or a perpetrator.
Children who bully can hear what other people think about this behaviour and learn that they may lose the popularity or power they want.
A child who has been bullied may feel supported by hearing others talking about behaviour they do not like.
Bystanders can be mobilised through these sessions.

Understanding the bullies – a discussion with 8-10 year olds More 

What children say - telling an adult

Large numbers of children do not tell anyone that they are being bullied. They fear retaliation, they may have been threatened and bullying is secretive. Some types of bullying are embarrassing to report and nobody wants to look like a victim. Boys frequently say they do not want to look weak and would rather pretend that they are not bothered.

Discussing these issues in small groups can help air the possibilities.

Telling an adult - discussions with primary pupils More 

Artwork for your computer
Wallpapers designed by young people for the Anti-Bullying Alliance More

'Bullying doesn't get you friends.'
Bullies might be being beaten up and they're going to school and taking it out on their friends.'




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