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Welcome to BIG Award!

 Any school or organisation which is attended by children and young people may apply for the BIG AWARD. 

Once you are signed up and your account is active, you will have access to all resources in our member's pages to help you achieve this award.

Training events, news updates and the latest information and skills on addressing bullying will be provided regularly.

Your portfolio of evidence will be carefully assessed and you will receive advice and support on areas that may require further evidence.

What are the fees and how do I pay?
Fees are determined by the size of your school or service. 

Choose your payment option in the registration form. It will calculate the rate for your school or service.




Register and create a portfolio


 1Click the REGISTRATION FORM link below and answer the simple questions

 2.Choose a payment method (credit card gives fastest access) and we will activate your account as soon as possible after payment is made.  

3. Click on My Account to access your  portfolio to provide your evidence. You can save this at any time until it is ready to submit. Please save often as you work! Cookies can log you out if the page is left inactive. Keep your own copy in your files.

4. When you have completed your online portfolio in your own time, press SUBMIT and we will carry out an assessment, and ask you for any evidence required to support your application. 

5. Once your assessment is successfully completed you will be sent your logo and certificate to display to prove your have achieved excellence in challenging bullying in your school/organisation!


 Good luck!  Please don't hesitate to CONTACT US for any additional support or assistance you may require    

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If you do not already have this, free Adobe Reader software is available here:


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