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Easter Newsletter

With a focus on Wellbeing  - Here
Easter newsletter

SRE to be compulsory? February 29th 2017

The concept of compulsory SRE is currently subject to an amendment to the Children and Social Work Bill, tabled by Tory MPs David Burrowes and Maria Miller, on 9 February, and backed by a total of 38 MPs.

"For the purposes of safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children, the Secretary of State must, by regulations, make relationships education a statutory component of the national curriculum within the meaning of part 6 of the Education Act 2002," the amendment states.Improvements in the delviery of SRE have been the subject of heated campaigns by Labour for many years but refused under the Nikki Morgan. It is  believed that children and young people cannot be appropriately safeguarded without this education especially in  the digital age.

Your members' newsletter January 2017

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Your Anti-Bullying Week resources for members October 2016

We have emailed you all with these resources but you can also find them in the members' resources pages.

Your members' newsletter, September 2016
September Newsletter 2016
Racist bullying more common than cyberbullying at start of secondary school.

The BIG Award secondary survey found 11-12 year olds are twice as likely  to experience racist bullying than to be cyberbullied, however by the mid teens, racist bullying has remained high but as this age is the peak age for cyberbullying, both are experience  by about one in five students. PRESS RELEASE 5.9.16

Girls more likely to be depressed than boys says new report on wellbeing.
There is an increase of  difficulties among year 10 girls and evidence of high rates among highly educated and aadvantaged families. This is data from a longitudinal study. Read the REPORT HERE  or  TES article HERE  Guardian article HERE   August 22nd 2016
10 year old paid $10,000 by Instagram for  finding a fault.

A Finnish boy is the youngest person to get payout for finding bug that allowed comments to be deleted – and says he’ll use the money to buy a football and bikeGuardian Here  4.5.2016

Newsletter April 2016 Here


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Children in England among the least happy
Eight-year-olds in England are not as happy as children in countries like Poland, Turkey and Estonia, an international survey by Children’s World has claimed. The Guardian reports that  England ranked in 13th place out of 16 countries when looking into children’s life satisfactions, with school and body image noted as trouble areas.

Newsletter January 2016   here   

What works? Effective schools make inroads into bullying.
New report from BIG Award shows pupils' views on practice and the remarkable difference it makes.The impact on prejudice driven behaviour is particularly marked. Download pdf

Bullying and mental health: new findings by ABA 16.11.15 More
44% of those who had been bullied said it affected their mental health.

CEOP on the trends in sexting. 11.11.15 More

Teach.Com. Are some people more vulnerable to being bullied?
This is part 2 of a 3 part blog/interview with Adrienne Katz of BIG. 10.11.15

17 year old boy jailed fo snapchat blackmail. The Telegraph, 10.11.15. More

Safeguarding in schools, guest blog by Adrienne Katz for Osiris Educational

September 2015 newsletter. Don't miss your latest newsletter Read it here

DfE appoints Natasha Devon as schools' mental health champion. 30th August 2015
The government is investing in mental health in schools says minister Sam Gyimah Read more 

Girls of all ages are experiencing problems with their mental well-being say Girl Guides and cyberbullying is one of the pressures August 24th 2015

Of most concern this year is the fact that two in five girls aged 11 to 21 say they have personally needed help with their mental health (37%). This increases with age – among 11- to 16-year-olds the figure is 28%, but among those aged 17 to 21 it is nearly half (46%). Girls’ health and well-being concerns have changed dramatically over the last five years. 

Girls feel adults often fail to keep pace with new threats to girls’ well-being 82% of girls aged 11 to 21 say adults don’t recognise the pressure they are under. While girls aged 13 – 21 say mental health issues, cyber-bullying and getting a job are the top overall concerns facing young people today, they think their parents’ biggest concerns remain drug use, alcohol and smoking.

Read more from Girl Guiding and The Guardian

Children in England are found to be among the unhappiest in many countries, bullying is cited as one of the causes
. 21st August 2015

Research by The Children's Society found that, in relation to 30 different aspects of life, 10- and 12-year-old children in England are unhappier than those in 11 other countries including Uganda, Ethiopia and Algeria. English children only fared better than children in Germany, South Korea and Estonia in the 15-country study – The Good Childhood Report 2015. - See more in this article from CYP Now or read the report summary. Story in The Guardian

Smartphones overtake laptops and computers for time spent online. 

The rise in smartphone surfing is measured by OfCom in their latest report. 6th August 2015

Nine in every ten 16-24 year olds uses their smartphone to take photos, 1.2 billion selfies were taken in the UK last year. Around half of young people check their mobiles within five minutes of waking up. Nearly six in ten young people (57%) regularly watch on demand and catch-up TV on their laptop or PC. Almost half (45%) watch on a smartphone and four in ten (40%) switch on a set-top box. 2014 saw the biggest increase in time spent online in a decade. Read More

New initative for online rights for children brings industry and government together to make children safer online, 
iRights calls for:

  • iRights include the ability to remove web content young people have created about themselves
  • A right to digital literacy and to know how data collected about them is used
  • Endorses technical support for children to set limits on their digital activities
  • Research finds young people are increasingly worried about their digital legacy and addiction

Companies are asked to  support iRights and deliver these rights. 30th July 2015

Ministers from DfE and DOH unite to call for more peer support.
July 6th Introducing peer-to-peer support networks in schools will form part of government efforts to improve the mental health of young people, it has emerged after evidence to a select committee. - See more at: CYPnow
Sam Gymiah is committed to working on mental health in schools.

June Newsletter  June 30th 2015 Read in your browser

Ofsted urges inspectors to act on child protection tipoffs.

Ofsted inspectors are being urged to contact directors of children's services directly if they receive a tipoff that children are at risk of abuse or neglect...More  24th June 2015

New behaviour expert appointed by DfE


A new school behaviour expert, Tom Bennett, will draw up plans to help teachers deal with low-level disruption in classrooms. Ofsted have found that children are losing up to an hour of learning a day to the problem - this step will back teachers so that they can get on with their job and focus on teaching   16th June 2015

CEOP says they are dealing with a case of sexting every day More  15th June 2015



May newsletter from BIG HERE

Study ambivalent on impact of violent video games on children. John Bingham, Telegraph
This Oxford study suggests time spent may be more of a factor than content. 200 pupils studied

Nantwich Education Trust warns parents about computer games
30th March 2015 BBC, The Guardian.
Headteachers have written to parents warning them that if young children are allowed to play games intended for players aged 18 and over, schools will be required to report them for neglect. Parenting experts believe this could be handled better by communication rather than by threats, but teachers frequently talk to BIG of children playing these games with relatives even after warnings.

One in five teachers victims of false claims. Kevin Rawlinson, The Guardian 30th March 2015
A new poll by ATL shows that teachers often give this culture of false allegations as a reason for considering leaving the profession. This is a story BIG Award finds recurring every few years.A poll by NASUWT has also been cited on our news pages in 2011.

Find a collection of useful advice and procedures on dealing with allegations on our law and policy pages.


March 2015 newsletter

Rise in online abuse and bullying, Childline figures show

By Joe Lepper

06 March 2015

Childline has reported a dramatic rise in calls about online abuse, pornography and bullying, but the number related to physical abuse has fallen. The number of young people worried about Croatian Islands Travel cyberbullying is on the rise, Childline figures suggest. 


According to the charity helpline's 2013/14 annual report published today, there was a 168 per cent increase in calls about online sexual abuse over that period. Of these calls, three quarters were with 12- to 15-year-olds and there was an even split between boys and girls.There was also a 145 per cent increase in young people calling about online pornography.

- See more at:

Hunt promises plan against homophobic bullying.

BBC 3rd February

The Labour party has promised ‘zero tolerance’ of homophobic language and bullying in England’s schools if it wins the general election. Mr Hunt said all new teachers must be trained to tackle homophobic bullying. More

Ofsted announces major changes to inspection Feb 3rd 2015
There will be a new Common Inspection Framework; good schools and non- association independent schools can expect more frequent inspections. Safeguarding remains important and concerns about it could trigger no notice inspections. More

January 2015 newsletter

New global action to deal with child abuse images online

A package of measures was announced at the We Protect Children Summit in London. These include legislation, technology, GCHQ and National Crime Agency and major search engine companies working together.

  • New unit to tackle paedophiles on the ‘dark net’

  • Google, Facebook, Yahoo, Microsoft and Twitter unveil new technical solutions to block and remove illegal child abuse material online

  • New UK database enabling swifter identification and investigation by law enforcement of child abuse images

  • New global action to build law enforcement networks and improve child protection in over 30 countries

    More  11 Dec 2014

Number of children who are victims of cyberbullying doubles in a year.
oll finds 35% of 11 -17 year olds bullied online, as fears grow over number of young teenagers using dataing app Tinder. Press Association. The Guardian 14th November 2014 Read more

Members of BIG Award will be pleased to learn that among our member schools who have undertaken the free pupil survey, the figures are half this level. We will be publishing our newest report in Anti-Bullying Week.

All faith schools must actively promote British values says education secretary 
Nicky Morgan says Christian and Muslim schools must follow tolerance rules, but DfE denies requiring gay rights to be taught  The Guardian, Sunday 2 November 2014 15.16 GMT Mark Tran.

Safeguarding contacts are up posted by BIG Award 3rd.November 2014.
Rachel Shraer reporting on 29th October for Community Care

Alan Wood The head of the Association of Directors of Children’s Services (ADCS) called for a debate on a new inspection regime when he addressed a conference on Children, Inspection & Regulation, the National Adult and Children's Services Conference.He also announced that ADCS research found there had been close to two million initial contacts with children this year, up 11% on the previous year.He added that the number of children becoming subject to a child protection plan had gone up 13.8% in the past year and that 14% of children entering the care system are doing so for a second or subsequent time. More

Porn and nude selfies

Amid news that More than one in three schoolchildren in Northamptonshire say they know someone who has had naked pictures of them posted online without permission, government considers new age checks on adult websites. The Northampton Chronicle reports that a survey of 2,000 children by Northamptonshire Rape & Incest Crisis Centre revealed that 34 per cent 11- to 16-year-olds in the county know someone who had shared naked or sexual pictures with a friend via the internet or mobile phone – who then circulated them.
- See more   27th October 2014

Birmingham school: parents attack teacher over anti-bullying equality
The National Association of Head Teachers is calling for an investigation after a head teacher was 'attacked' by a group of parents protesting at teaching challenging homophobia. This school had been inspected as part of  the 'Trojan Horse' affair and as a result had introduced anti-homophobia lessons.  More
2 Years in jail for people who post revenge porn
A new criminal offence for pepole who post so-called 'revenge porn' will carry a maximum sentence of two years announced Chris Grayling in an amendment to the Criminal Justice and Courts bill currently going through parliament. The new law will also apply to people sending these Descargar Musica images or videos by text using mobile phones. The CPS has signalled a new approach to these cases in response to public outrage Physical images shared offline will also be included. 12th October 2014 Tim Ross The Telegraph  Victims are often young people or even in one case a child as young as 11Sky News found.
BIG Award newsletter September 2014

 jpgread here


Massive rise in cases of self-harm

The number of children who self-harm has increased by more than 70 per cent in the past two years to record levels, according to new figures. The Health and Social Care Information Centre said some 6,500 children – just under 6,000 of whom were female – aged 10 to 14 had been treated after deliberately injuring themselves. That was up by 2,700 on the figures for 2009 to 2012, when the numbers were stable at about 3,800 a year. Ian Johnstone, Independent 11th Auguest 2014  More


Nottinghamshire teens could face prosecution for sexting, Guardian, Telegraph, CYP Now and many other papers. More  23.07.14

Although ACPO guidance suggests the police do not want to criminalise young people for sexting in cases like this one where a couple split up and the intimate photo was misused, it seems that after a spate of such cases in the Nottinghamshire area the police are trying to give a warning. Barnados call for police to avoid giving young people a criminal record. More. BIG Award's Adrienne Katz has written for mumsnet on how parents can deal with this issue.

BIG Award Newsletter July 2014 Here   jpg

Severe bullying is four times more likely to take place in schools rated as ineffective by pupils, finds BIG Award's Ten Thousand Teens Report
July 7th 2014 by Adrienne Katz
Pupils were asked whether their school deals with bullying 'very well', quite well or 'not very well at all'. In schools that received the lowest rating,  pupils were 4 x more likely to report being bullied 'a lot' than those in schools who deal with it 'very well'; 7% vs 28%. The survey goes on to explore prejudice-driven bullying, cyberbullying and what the schools actually did to address bullying. Discuss these findings with your students and staff. The BIG Award Pupil Survey is free to members of BIG Award.

'Revenge pornography' could soon be outlawed, says Chris Grayling
Justice secretary says government is open to debate on legality of uploading sexually explicit media on internet without consent, More Guardian 2nd July 2014  
Disabled children more likely to be bullied. BBC 20th June 2014 Katherine Sellgren
Primary school pupils in England with special educational needs are twice as likely as other children to endure persistent bullying research by IoE suggests. More

DfE launches new guidance on mental health for schools  June 16th 2014
It includes:
How and when to refer to Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS) 
Practical advice to support children with emotional and behavioural difficulties 
Strengthening pupil resilience Tools to identify pupils for likely to need extra support 
Where/how to access community support

Author Jaqueline Wilson: I was bullied at school and now I support new victims. Tracey Beaker creator receives more letters about bullying than ever before. jpg 
Anna Davis Evening Standard 16th June 2014.

Councils lose track of thousands of school-age children

By Derren Hayes, Thursday 12 June 2014
Local authorities are unaware of the whereabouts of thousands of children who are not attending school, an investigation by the National Children’s Bureau (NCB) has discovered. Children that miss education are at greater risk of failing academically, NCB warns. Information gathered by NCB from 45 English local authorities showed that on a given day 1,022 children’s whereabouts were unknown by the council, making up almost a third of the total number of children missing education.More


BIG Award Newsletter June 2014 download   jpg

BLOG from Family Online Internet Safety Conference Paris 2014 
European Forum: Creating a better Internet. 
Adrienne Katz of BIG Award reflects on the day's events 
'Do we rush to protect or equip people to respond?' 

 BIG Award newsletter May 2014 Download pdf   


Poll shows 20% of teachers hit by online abuse.

One in five teachers have received abuse aimed at them on social media and online forums from parents and pupils. Richard Adams, Guardian 21st April 2014 More or NASUWT


Loughborough boy found with weapons and keen on mass killings, says his situation similar to Columbine killers in respect of bullying.

Guardian April 12th 2014 More 

Read research on links between bullying and crime written in the wake of Columbine shootings.

100 people are studying on our distance learning course! Level 4 Certificate in Anti-Bullying Mentoring of Young People. See our PowerPoint about it on the home page


BIG Award co-hosts Bristol conference on Cyberbullying and Prejudice.

13th May 2014 More


BIG Award annual conference to take place in York this year.

June 11th 2014. More

Call for better legal protection for sexually exploited children
By Laura McCardle, Wednesday 02 April 2014 Children and Young People Now   More

Legislation should be amended to close a legal loophole that prevents immediate police action when they suspect cases of child sexual exploitation, Barnardo’s has recommended.

Cyberbullies Could Face Jail.

New proposals to have cases under the Malicious Communications Act heard in court would allow heavier sentencing.

The Guardian, Samuel Gibbs, March 26th 2014  More

BIG Award News Extra Here

BIG Award Newsletter April 2014 Read the latest updates

Val McFarlane of BIG Award on Tyne Tees, ITV news for Safer Internet Day, 11th Feb 2014

New survey claims 1 in 3 children view porn on mobiles. February 11th 2014 CYP Now Neil Puffet
A poll conducted by YoungMinds to mark Safer Internet Day today found that half of the 11- to 14-year-olds who had viewed pornography said that it had affected their relationships.  More

Safer Internet Day, February News for members

The Internet didn't kill Tallulah Wilson, but it didn't do much to help her.

by Jemima Owen, Observer 26, Jan 2014  More

The Online Avengers. Emily Bazelon, Jnauary 15th  New York Times
'Are anti-bullying avengers the saviours of the internet - or just a different kind of curse?'  Written by a well known expert on bullying. More

More play not less, is the argument of Boston professor Peter Gray
Independent Sunday 12th January 2014. Gray is the author of 'Free to learn: Why unleashing the instinct to play will make our children happier, more self-reliant and better students for life.' published by Basic Books. In this article for the Independent he explains why he believes play is so essential not only for creativity but for learning to get on with others and for mental and emotional health. There is a vigorous debate below the article as many people give their views Here

BIG Newsletter January 2014 Here


A rise in racist bullying. January 9th 2014
ChildLine sees a 69% rise in calls about racist bullying. Read the report

The Independent questions whether the far right agenda on immigration is entering the classroom. Are teachers less willing to challenge it? Read More    

Our pages on Racist Bullying are here
Former Guidance on Racist Bullying Here

Resource from Crown Prosecution Service; NUT and Anthony Walker Foundation Here


Bullies force 12,000 pupils a year to move to new schools 

A freedom of information request to local authorities revealed that in 28 of these, more than 2000 parents who apllied to transfer their children to other schools, cited bullying as the reason. The paper argues that if this was extapolated across the UK this would mean 12000 pupils move because of bullying each year.

Article by Jonathan Petrie, Mail on Sunday uploaded November 2, 2013. Read more


  BIGNewsletter Autumn 2013 Here   jpeg

Want a story from an earlier newsletter? Visit our News Archive for a valuable collection of news and updates on bullying.

Ofsted issues annual report which highlights mediocrity in named local authority areas. Read the speech by Sir Michael Wilshaw, note the new unannouced  inspections if parents report poor behav iour and inspections of consitutent academies within weaker chains. There will  be a strong focus on behaviour in 2014. More December 2013

Coroner's verdict in the case of Issy Dix. This school girl who tragically took her own life, was bullied for being 'bright' her mother claims. Police have not found evidence of cyberbullying. Read More Guardian 12th December 2013

More girls suffering low self esteem, finds Girl Guides' report. James Meikle Guardian 29th Nov 2013  
Guides' survey highlights growth of harrassment and online bullying. The latter is described as 'widespread although girls tend to deal with it on their own without telling parents or someone in authority.' More

Open letter to news editors from equaliteach on how immigration is dealt with in the media, 25th November 2013  


14 year old took her life after relentless  bullying, More  Mail Online 8.11.13

Cyberbullying is twice and homophobic bullying three times as frequent in ineffective schools, 6,500 pupils tell BIG Award More  6.11.13

What is happening to the equality agenda? Are free schools free to ignore the Equality Act? Race on the Agenda believes that the vast majority have failed to comply with the act's requirements despite DfE guidance that makes it clear they must comply with specific duties. Professor Gus John in the Guardian 6/11/13

Passmores Academy in Harlow achieves BIG Award


Young net users engage in 'risky' behaviour  BBC 21st October More

Warning to parents as survey suggests primary pupils are at risk online.Maev Kennedy Guardian 21st October 2013, More

Parents' biggest worry is that their child will get bullied finds ICM poll. Denis Campbell, The Guardian,20th October 2013 More

20 years on, the tribute concert to Stephen Lawrence More

Newsletter September 2013 Download pdf

Australian election debates a commissioner for cyberbullying Opposition Leader Tony Abbott announced the Coalition's plans to create an agency or commissioner to monitor online bullying. The commissioner would have the power to impose three-month jail sentences or financial penalties, and would be based on proposed legislative changes in New Zealand. More Louise Battersby. The Age 5th September 2013

BLOG: Money talks: site linked to cyberbullying and suicide makes changes reflections on 3rd Sept 2013 

Tragic death of another teenager: police investigate links to online extortion and

Daniel Perry from Fife was allegedly told to deposit money into an account in order to prevent material he had posted online from being shown to family and friends. Some months ago he was told on to kill himself and receieved threats saying he would be better off dead if he did not do as he was told and come up with the money. Daniel jumped or fell of the Fife Road bridge this week. Read more on bbc online 16th August 2013 – another victim

6.08.2013 posted by Adrienne Katz 

Daniel Perry was told to deposit money into an account to prevent material he had posted online being shown to family and friends. He had also received messages on telling him he would be better off dead.
Since last Autumn we have been warning our member schools of the problems generated on the Latvian based site After the tragic deaths of two girls, Ciara Pugsley, 15 and Erin Gallagher, 13 in Ireland which were thought to be linked to this website, another death followed of Josh Unsworth aged 15 in Lancashire. Today we are sadly reporting yet another death of a vulnerable young woman, Hannah Smith aged 14 thought to be influenced by abusive messages on this site.

Young people who go onto this site often ask for advice in dealing with some problem – but trolls are waiting to attack anyone with problems and they post vile messages urging people to kill themselves. For some reason these conversations prove irresistible to some needy young people who cannot walk away it seems, but keep returning to read yet more of the abuse directed at them.

The site is based outside the jurisdiction of the EU and has shrugged off earlier attempts to get them to moderate the site.

BIG Award has regularly written to our members with an extra mention in the last newsletter of the term to ask them to alert parents about this for the summer holiday season. Below are links to current coverage of this story in the Mirror, Daily Mail and Guardian.

Social workers need more support in dealing with online abuse of children


A new report from BASW and NSPCC highlights the lack of knowledge among social workers on how to spot warning signs a child is being targeted for sexual abuse online.
Half of all social workers surveyed said they felt concerned about dealing with online sexual abuse or behaviour.
Other findings included:

49% of social workers said that 25% of their sexual abuse cases now involve some form of online abuse.
34% said they do not feel confident about understanding the language young people use online.
47% said they were not knowledgable about how young people communicate on social networking sites.
36% felt they did not know the right questions to ask to identify and assess online sexual abuse.
30% said they did not feel confident dealing with child protection sexual abuse cases using the internet. 
50% said they don't know how to recognise the signs of online sexual abuse in children.  More

Pupils need their own union, says young activist

By Gabriella Jozwiak, Wednesday 24 July 2013 Children and Young People Now  click here

A youth activist is seeking to set up a national association for school pupils to give young people a say in education policies. Luke Shore, 16, from Nottinghamshire, says England is behind other European countries in not having a dedicated body through which pupils can voice their views.He plans to establish a non-political union for 11- to 19-year-old students in schools, sixth-forms and further education colleges.

Pupils who move between schools in year do worse in exams
Richard Adams, The Guardian 21st July 2013
The RSA has found that the grades of pupils who move 'in year' decline and those who are disadvantaged suffer disproportionately. Some are not found a place for a whole term while many are given a place in the least successful schools. The authors fear that as disadvantaged families are forced to move to cheaper accommodation,  more pupils will suffer multiple moves. There is also evidence from other sources that pupils arriving 'in year' are often more likely to be bullied. BIG advises that such pupils are giving support, buddying and monitoring as they settle in. More

Kent grammar school tries to ban July 21st 2013
The Sunday Times reports: A top Kent school has urged parents to help ban the use of after this site has repeatedly been linked with self harm, anorexia and even two cases of suicide in Ireland and one in Lancashire. [BIG Award has warned about this in newsletters repeatedly over the past two terms.]

A teacher at the grammar school, which is in the south of England, said that in the past year there had been an explosion among pupils of problems such as eating disorders and self-harming, which teachers believe are linked to sites such as and Omegle. Girls are also posting sexualised photographs and pornography on such sites, which they link to via their Facebook pages.

The teacher said there had been an “exponential increase in self-harming” linked to use of the sites.

“It’s not the traditional self-harming, where it was all secret and hidden — this is very explicit self-harming.

Latest newsletter July 2013 download

Child suicides fail to decline in 30 years
. Joe Lepper Children and Young People Now. July 11th 2013  More Around a third of all deaths of children and young people are now linked to assault or self- injury, analysis of data has found.The research of data between 1980 and 2010 has been carried out by University College London’s Institute of Child Health as part of a wider child health project by the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health. Researchers found that despite the number of child deaths falling by 70% over the past 30 years there has been no decline in mortality rates due to injuries caused by self-harm or undetermined injuries accounting for 34 and 37% respectively of injury deaths in boys and girls aged 10 -18. Boys in this age group are the most at risk.

Kingstone High School & Norwood Green Junior recieve BIG Award at our London conference. To view presentations and workshop handouts please click here.

Eshter Rantzen, President of ChildLine presents Jon Makepeace with the BIG Award for Norwood Green Junior School at the BIG Award London Conference.
Esther Rantzen presents Nikki Harrison with the BIG Award for Kingstone High School. 

Newsletter June 2013 available now

Snapchat trending in popularity and bullying among teens. Snapchat is popular because the sender can set the number of seconds the recipient can view the message or image before it self deletes. But a workaround lets a recipient save the image and send it on, rendering Snapchat less private. More

Advertisers pressure Facebook
Facebook faces pressure from advertisers to do more to tackle hate speech and remove off</s


Do you know how to report abuse? More people in Britain are concerned about websites showing the sexual abuse of children than other types of illegal, illicit or 'harmful' internet content. However, more than half of people in Britain currently say that they either wouldn't know how to report it if they were to encounter it (40%) or would just ignore it (12%). Learn how self generated explicit images that teens often send to one another can end up on other sites, learn about 'weblockers', 'take aquwatches down notices' and speedy ways in which the IWF protects children online. The Internet Watch Foundation has issued its annual report March 2013

Budget and schools
Osborne protects schools from cuts but other services may suffer.
By Gabriella Jozwiak, Tristan Donovan, Wednesday 20 March 2013 Young People Now.
 Budget protects schools and health from departmental spending cuts but youth work, social care and early years could be hit. More

How do we identify and support vulnerable students online?
For some young people, e-safety education came too late or they missed it. These students take more risks online and are less likely to follow e-safety advice. They are often bullied both on and off line.They report high levels of homophobic bullying. How can we identify and help them? This was the subject of a seminar jointly hosted by BIG Award and EACH at the DfE.. Download the seminar report of our discussions. March 2013

Alarming rise in self-harm says ChidLine.

Self-harming or self-injury, has become the fastest rising cause of calls to ChildLine according to their annual report issued last week. There has been a 68% annual increase in contacts to ChildLine over self harm, mostly from girls. Family relationships were the most frequent reason children contacted ChidLine, with bullying second. The examples of the types of calls about self-harming given by the charity show children facing a toxic mix of troubled family relationships, alcohol, bullying and secrecy. There was also a substantial increase in the number of children calling about potential suicides -up by 39% on last year. Sue Minto of ChildLine said it reflected on how teenagers felt unable to escape pressures in their lives. Miss Minto said the relentless and pervasive nature of moderm technology with texting, social networking and websites - meant children found it hard to escape pressures such as bullying. Posted by Adrienne Katz 10.12.12 More

Parents douse teachers in online poison. Kate Mansey, Sunday Times, 18.11.12
More than one in ten teachers have been victims of online abuse perpetrated by the parents of their pupils. Teaching Unions are alarmed at the growing tide of online abuse, ranging from hate pages set up on social networking sites to malicious allegations of sexual abuse against children. A survey conducted by the NASUWT found that 42% of teachers had received insulting comments, allegations of inappropriate behaviour with a pupil or other derogatory comments posted online.

David Cameron: Hate Crime levels are appalling.
The prime minister made the remarks in a letter of support for last weekend’s London Vigil against Hate Crime in Trafalgar Square. Mr Cameron said:“I am passionate about tackling hate crime. And this government is acting. For the first time we have published statistics on hate crime recorded by the police in England and Wales. And we are highlighting the best examples of what works locally, because we know that hate crime is most effectively prevented at a grass roots level, by frontline professionals who have a deep local knowledge of victims and offenders. by Scott Roberts, Pink News October 22nd 2012 More


Amanda Todd- a tragic suicide linked to cyberbullying
17th October 2012

A Canadian girl’s death after intense prolonged cyberbullying is a reminder of how serious and urgent it is to address this behaviour as yet one more needless death is announced. Tributes to Amanda Todd have poured in since she died but support was not there when she needed it.

BBC Radio 1 newsbeat

YouTube clip made by Amanda


Virtual schools improve outcomes but fail to narrow attainment gap

By Gabriella Jozwiak, Thursday 11 October 2012
Virtual schools are improving outcomes for looked-after children, but the attainment gap between children in care and other pupils continues to grow, a report has found. More

Burnham calls on local areas to prioritise mental health in schools.
Gabriella Jozwiak. Children & Young People Now 4th October.12
Speaking at a Labour party conference fringe event, AndyBurnham argued that health and wellbeing boards could be the “best hope” for young people, who are losing out on early intervention to safeguard their mental health because of public services reforms.

“Health and wellbeing boards are the best hope. I can’t think of any other forum that has the health responsibility but also that link in terms of the council’s other responsibilities,” he said. He added that Labour-led councils were being encouraged to combine commissioning decisions over health and education wherever possible, to encourage early support for young people in schools and other children’s services settings. “We’re getting them together in the same room to start talking about health and public health and starting to say, why don’t we all have a consistency in what we do? This needs to be on the education side as well,” he said. 

Movie director talks to Metro of being bullied at school.
Joe Wright, Director of new Kiera Knightly film, Anna Karenina was bullied at school because he wore a cravat and was uncool. Wright who is dyslexic, left school with no GCSEs. His successful career includes directing Atonement and Pride and Prejudice.Larushka Ivan-Zadeh Metro.7th September 2012

Tom Jones, legendary singer and judge on TV's The Voice,
says in interview that the trait he most deplores in others is... bullying. Interview in Guardian weekend by Rosanna Greenstreet. 1.09.12

Bullied Bus Monitor forms new anti bullying foundation. USA Bullied Bus monitor Karen Klein, 68 who was seen on video clips being bullied by children, received over 700,000 dollars in donations after a site was set up by a sympathiser. Karen has used the money to set up a foundation to tackle bullying and is touring to publicise it. Accompanying her will be Miss Teen USA who was bullied herself. What next for Lollipop ladies here in the UK? Klein was honoured by a Boston radio station, and became an international sensation after the videos of boys abusing her on a school bus went viral. Posted by Adrienne Katz 28.08.12

Paralympic Cyclist Sarah Storey has a collection of Paralympic gold medals plus 20 world champion titles and 21 European titles, but she recalls how she was bullied at school. 'I was bullied at school because I was different' she told the Sunday Times. 'After I came back from Barcelona (she was 14) I was bullied because I had been elevated to a certain position. Sunday Times 2.08.12

New book on Cyberbullying by BIG Award's Adrienne Katz gives the views and experiences of over 9000 children and young people. It explores how we teach e-safety and what young people make of it. Cyberbullying and e-safety July 2012 published by Jessica Kingsley Publishers, London and Philadelphia.

Can bullying be beaten? Author Anthony Horowitz writes on bullying.
No Place for Bullying. New report on bullying from Ofsted 18.06.12
In the autumn of 2011 Ofsted inspectors visited 37 primary and 19 secondary schools to explore practice in relation to bullying. This report describes what the best practice looked like and outlines the weaknesses found in some cases.

Facebook forced into revealing identities of cyberbullies
Woman wins high court backing after she received abusive messages about a post on The X Factor's Frankie Cocozza. It is believed to be one of the first cases where an individual has successfully taken legal action against Facebook to reveal the identities of cyberbullies. A woman has won court backing to force Facebook to reveal the identities of cyberbullies who targeted her with a string of abusive messages on the website. Nicola Brookes was granted a high court order after receiving "vicious and depraved" abuse on Facebook after she posted a comment in support of the former The X Factor contestant Frankie Cocozza. The Guardian, Josh Halliday, 8th June 2012



More than 87,000 racist incidents recorded in schools By Divya Talwar

Nearly 88,000 racist incidents were recorded in Britain's schools between 2007 and 2011, the BBC has found.

Data from 90 areas shows 87,915 cases of racist bullying, which can include name calling and physical abuse.

A racist incident is defined as any situation perceived to be racist by the victim or any other person.

In response to the local authority figures, obtained under a Freedom of Information request, the Department for Education said racism needed to be "rooted out". BBC Asian Network 23.05.12 More
[The coalition government has ended the advice to record and report racist incidents that had been in place since the MacPherson report, but BIG advises schools to continue to record and monitor incidents so that they can address race issues within their school, comply with the Equality Act 2010 and provide evidence to Ofsted that they have due regard to keeping all pupils safe.]

'Sexting' from peers worries young people more than stranger danger warns study.
A new study involving LSE research reveals the level that ‘sexting’ has reached among teenagers with schoolgirls facing increasing pressure to provide sexually explicit pictures of themselves.The research, undertaken by the Institute of Education, King’s College and the London School of Economics and Political Science and published by the NSPCC, sought the views of 13-15-year-olds at two London schools. 23.05.12 More

SIM card to help parents protect children from bullying.
Parents will be able to control their child's mobile phone thanks to a new type of SIM card remotely managed from a computer. BBC 21.05.12 More

Brighton woman Nicola Brookes tackles 'trolls' after Facebook abuse.
A Brighton woman who was abused on the internet is starting legal action to force Facebook to reveal the identities of those who targeted her. Nicola Brookes was falsely portrayed as a paedophile and drug dealer by so-called internet trolls. She is taking High Court action to force Facebook help her identify her abusers so she can then prosecute them.

Facebook issued a statement which said there was no place for bullying on its social networking website. 15th May 2012 Read More on BBC News
Related stories from the BBC:

Research shows tackling frequent bullying could help to reduce self harm.
This longitudinal twin study showed that among those who self harmed, as many as half were victims of frequent bullying. Bullied children who self harmed were more likely than peers to have been malreated, to have a family history of attempted or completed suicide and to experience concurrent mental health problems. Undertaken at Kings College London this study adds to the body of work undertaken by members of this team showing links with bullying and mental health. Read more in our Latest Research page. BMJ 2012;344:e2683 Fisher, H. et al

Statutory guidance on listening to children and young people.
The Government is committed to the promotion and protection of children’s rights, in line with the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child. It believes that children and young people should have opportunities to express their opinion in matters that affect their lives. (This is statutory guidance from the Department for Education. Local Authorities and maintained schools must have regard to it.) posted 16.4.2012 by Adrienne Katz

Teachers report widespread bullying by pupils and parents
Two fifths report that they have been abused on Social networking sites, while almost half felt unsupported by their school. An online survey of teachers by NASUWT shows 42% had been a victim of cyberbullying - of these, 61% said pupils had made insulting comments about them on SNS. Report by Helene Mulholland, Guardian 6th April 2012 More

Teachers tell children not to have best friends in primary schools to prevent pain of falling out. Primary schools are adopting a 'no best friends' policy to shield children from the pain of falling out. But critics are warning it is preventing youngsters from learning about the ups and downs of life. Educational psychologist Gaynor Sbuttoni, who provides counselling for children in London, said the practice of teachers encouraging kids to play in large groups instead of developing tight-knit bonds is increasingly common. She said teachers have consulted her about the rights and wrongs of the policy, but stressed they should not be interfering with friendships and that it is natural for children to want a best friend. More

As we think about Fabrice Muamba and hope for his recovery, you may want to do some work with your pupils about his life. May we remind you that BIG has a lesson plan about him at this link. lesson plan.
19th March 2012

Educating Essex school joins BIG.
We are delighted to welcome Passmores Academy to BIG.. March 1st More

Police to tackle crime and bullying in capital's schools. (Scotland)
Police will be drafted in to all secondary schools in Scotland's capital city in a bid to tackle
bullying, crime and anti-social behaviour.A Scottish Government study into campus police in 2010 found they have the biggest impact in deprived areas where communities may lack positive role models and perceptions of the police may be negative.

In Glasgow, a campus police scheme was cited as one reason why the number of pupils excluded or suspended from schools dropped by 53% from 7399 in 2006/07 to 3450 in 2010/11. More Brian Donnelly The Herald, 24th February 2012



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