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Esther Ranzen

I have known the Directors of Bullying Intervention Group for many years now, and can recommend the BIG Award to all schools.

Vic Goddard, Principal, Passmores Academy
When you face up to the fact bullying occurs in your school it is something that you feel you shouldn’t own up to in case parents’/carers feel that it makes it a bad place to be. I think that being honest that bullying happens in all communities of over 1200 people and that we strive every day to eliminate isn’t something to hide. I am delighted that I now have a forum to work with other colleagues to share best practice and if we get recognition for the work we do as well – fantastic. Thanks BIG Award for allowing us to talk openly about an issue we all face”

Claire Wood and Angie Coyne, Headlands School Hull
Our involvement with BIG from the very start has been first class. Their ability to respond to your every need or query has been second to none. We have always as a school relished our involvement with BIG and the anti-bullying programme would not have been as successful without them. We have also attended over the past 2 years several of the BIG training courses. They are absolutely worth every penny. They are inspiring as well as thought provoking and we felt fully equipped to return to school with a bucket load of ideas to introduce to our students in our mission to stamp out Bullying. The whole team at BIG are so supportive of all the work being done to combat Bullying in our schools and we cannot recommend them highly enough - just brilliant !!

Julie Chadwick, Thornhill Academy, Educating Yorkshire School
The BIG organisation has been incredibly supportive to our anti-bullying work in school over the last 12 months. Achieving the BIG award means we can successfully show that our initiatives are recognised as being examples of good practice on a national level. The training and support from Val, Adrienne and Vicky is always important to keep us up to date on current anti-bullying practice. I would, and do, promote this organisation to anyone involved in anti-bullying work.

Jonathan Charlesworth, Executive Director, Educational Action Challenging Homophobia (EACH)
EACH fully supports and endorses the Bullying Intervention Group Accreditation scheme. We are confident that prejudice driven victimisation, especially homophobic bullying, will be markedly reduced by the implementation of this accredited scheme. Both parents and pupils will be able to choose schools with the added advantage of being able to know whether a school has achieved this recognised standard.

David James, Head of English, Norham Road School
The National Bullying Intervention Group Award is a once in a generation opportunity to protect some of the most vulnerable children and young people in our society from the devastating effects of bullying. Having spent most of my life as a victim of bullying, I know just how useful an accreditation scheme such as this would be. Children who are involved in bullying incidents would be greatly reassured by the knowledge that their school was adequately prepared to support and nurture them until their situation was resolved, parents and carers would be equally reassured to see their school or organisation achieving this kite mark for good practice. Providing schools with the training, resources and advice necessary to successfully manage bullying incidents is a superb way to balance the desire for more autonomous schools and community organisations, whilst still preserving every childs right to grow and develop in a safe and secure environment. The BIG scheme would protect the futures of thousands of children and young people across the country, and enable schools to successfully manage their Anti-Bullying strategy, safe in the knowledge that they were achieving a national standard of excellence within this most delicate of issues.

Catherine Craig, Headteacher, St Godric''s Primary School, Co Durham
St Godric's RC Primary School would be delighted to work towards a National Anti- Bullying Accreditation. We feel that the work that we do in partnership with Vicki Oliver is extremely valuable in raising children''s awareness about bullying and safety issues. This is an important aspect of our school life.

Esther Ranzen QuoteEsther Rantzen
"I recommend the national BIG AWARD to all schools and organisations.."

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