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Recent training days include:

'Girl Bullying and Cyber Secrets'  repeated by  popular demand 2015 in Gateshead

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Successfully Challenge Bullying Conference 2015 
Richard Davies, Deputy Head Brentwood County High School Download pdf

Joe Hayman, of PSHE Association Download pdf

Val McFarlane and Vicki Lydon, BIG Award Girl bullying Download pdf

Adrienne Katz of BIG Award Cyberbullying and online risks Download pdf

Adrienne Katz of BIG Award Ofsted changes  Download pdf 


'A really enjoyable & informative conference, with lots of useful resources.  A great selection of speakers with varying experiences & ideas.  Thank you.'

'The range of speakers and sessions gave plenty for me to think about and a lovely “to do” list!'

'An inspiring day and hugely thought- provoking. Some wonderful practical ideas which I want to introduce the moment I get back!  Fully intend to join and apply for the BIG Award.'


York Marriott Hotel Wednesday June 11th 2014

Our successful annual conference was a wonderful opportunity to meet so many members.

Leading speakers, fresh new thinking and workshops from frontline practitioners.

Workshops included:

  • Girl Bullying and Friendship Issues
  • Workplace Bullying and Stress
  • Cyberbullying and e-safety
  • Dealing with sexting
  • Excellent Anti-Bullying Practice.

There were presentations from local schools with insights into their current bullying intervention practice.


ThorneGreen Top School presented their approach.
Mia Collier Phillipson, Harrison Taylor, Michael Overson, Alice Smith, Jessica Seymour with Cliara Salter.



Comments from evaluations

'It was a great pleasure to be part of the day and to be able to bring some of our students. Thank you and we look forward to coming to more.' Claire Wood, Headlands School.

'As a member of BIG and as a school striving for the award I have found the website and resources extremely helpful and have used these with the students. Leanne Vodden, Freebrough Academy.'

'Val and Vicki girl phone call was amazing. You missed your way!!' Angie Coyne, Headlands School.


'I have attended many courses and have often left feeling dissatisfied but this course today was informative, friendly and fun. A day worth missing school for!!!' Bernie Modena, Carlton Bolloing College.

'Loved the role play, I think you take things in more – maybe groups to participate could be built in with examples of children they have encountered and learnt from'. Shanie Brown, Oasis Nunthorpe.

'Fit for purpose and very informative. One of the better conferences I have attended.' Taher Hussain, Birmingham Met College.

'Wished there was more time for the cyber bullying workshop. Found Doncaster College really useful and informative.'

'Would love to see a boy version of the girl workshop – great and fantastic strategies but I wish it had been a whole day!'

'I am so, so glad my Headteacher sent me on this course! Great tools and strategies and advice. Really inspiring and things I will take with me in future years. Thank so much! Maybe another session on how to deal with and help perpetrators could be included next time (best care practice).' Stephanie Daley, London Fields Primary School

'Very inspirational and very informative. Thank you'. Sharon Fenwick, Our Lady and St Joseph Primary.

'Had a really informative day. Really enjoyed the full experience.' Harriet Herdman, Falinge Park High School.

'More time allocated to workshops. Fantastic day, would recommend.' Debby Render, Ackton Pastures Academy.


Bullying Intervention Group can offer training in all aspects of bullying intervention:-
Evaluations of recent training days: Salford March 2012

BIG Director Vicki Cheetham in York


Bullying involving children with SEN
Speak to us about specific training focused on pupils with special needs.
• Current research and trends

• Raise awareness

• Involve all children and young people

• Help children with SEN communicate what has happened

• Types of bullying involving children and young people with SEN

• Practical strategies  , 


Bespoke Training

We offer a range of bespoke training to individual schools and organisations. Please contact us for further details.

Please book early as our calendar books up very fast!

Level 4 Certificate Course 

We are proud to offer a new 
Level 4 certificate in Anti-Bullying Mentoring of Young People! 

This is the first course of its kind. Download your  Information Pack

Or please make enquiries at
About the authors


Candidates who have completed the course:
'I feel that I have to state how much I enjoyed participating in this well constructed course. Each profile was sufficiently thought provoking and stimulating and led seamlessly into the following Profile. I felt totally supported throughout the course.
The course has increased my both my knowledge, and my competence to address a Bullying scenario, involving children and young people.
I am waiting in anticipation of the next Certified Course on Bullying in the Workplace.

Bev Channon, the first person to complete the course.

Thank you for the opportunity to complete it - it taught me a great deal, particularly in terms of how to tackle issues of bullying amongst girls and cyber0bullying and e-safety.'

Jaime Theakston
Tudhoe Colliery Primary School



 Level 2 Certificate in Anti-Bullying Mentoring by young people.
This unique course offers young people aged 14-19 training in peer mentoring and gives them recognition for their contribution to the life of the school. A vital addition to our distance learning courses.  INFORMATION PACK

COURSE: Understanding Cyberbullying 

  • What influences this behaviour?                             
  • How behaviour changes online
  • What young people tell us about their online lives
  • How our e-safety approach needs to change
  • Policies and procedures including Serious Incident Protocols
  • What Ofsted will inspect on e-safety
  • Analyse real life cases and explore how to respond


This CPD accredited course, written by Adrienne Katz FRSA author of books on cyberbullying, is provided for BIG Award by Youthworks Consulting, a registered CPD provider. We offer a one day course in a small group of delegates or a distance learning option at your own pace. The distance learning course covers greater depth than the one day course.


COURSE: Understanding Girl Bullying and Friendships
Book a session for your school

• Current research and trends
• How girls and boys differ in their friendship and bullying issues
• How to deal with the “girl group fallouts”
• Girl group dynamics and relational aggression
• Practical strategies to deal with girl bullying

Val McFarlane speaking at York St John University


COURSE: The BIG Award Whole School Approach

  • Influences on young people's behaviour
  • Who should be on a BIG Focus Group?
  • Policy and procedures
  • Ofsted inspections on behaviour
  • The criteria BIG Award looks for
  • Prevention and Response
  • Monitoring and evaluation
  • Engaging parents pupils and staff
  • Successful resolving of real life cases

 Twilight sessions and Inset days offered, Anti-Bullying Policy workshops, Parents' Evenings.





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