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BIG AWARD is given for excellence in bullying intervention. It is offered to schools, services, ios tips groups or Local Authorities. 

Members work to meet the externally agreed criteria to be awarded.
The criteria are carefully managed to suit the needs of different organisations.

This award is both earned and evidenced.

Your school or service can start at any level of competence.




Establishments achieving the BIG AWARD will be able to:-

    • Demonstrate that they are working to an  externally agreed standard
    • Have consistent and embedded good practice
    • Fully include all children and < young people
    • Tailor their bullying intervention work to suit their needs
  • Ensure that every child is enabled to fulfil their true educational potential, or enjoy their community activities, without fear of being bullied

This award shows that your school  or service takes bullying seriously enough to work towards accepted good practice. Moreover there are many benefits for members. Expand



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1)         A Bullying Intervention Focus Group

2)         A robust Anti Bullying Policy

3)         Regular Staff Training

4)         Involve parents and carers 

5)         Pupils' peer support or mentoring system

6)         Regular awareness raising activities

7)         Testimonial from a young person

8)         Recording and monitoring of bullying incidents


*Local Authorities have a different focus - we are looking at their leadership and support for their local schools.

If your organisation is a special school, care home or small group you may have tailored criteria. 

Read more about the Criteria 

 Reductions in bullying you can expect
 View an  INFOGRAM  about the reductions you can expect when you implement best practice,





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