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   Who are we?

    The Bullying Intervention Group (BIG) is a social enterprise.
    It was set up to adminster the
 BIG Award and promote excellence in bullying intervention. 

    Registered Company no 07553073


BIG is run by two very experienced anti-bullying consultants, Val McFarlane and Vicki  Lydon. They have each worked for over 10 years in bullying intervention work, and have successfully managed thousands of cases of bullying and friendship issues. BIG has a team of consultants  who work on local award panels and deliver training. We have Car Forum consultants assisting us in different parts of the country.




           Val McFarlane        Vicki Lydon



    Our Aims

   Our experience

   About the Award



    Bullying Intervention Group works with consultants to  serve our ever growing membership.
   John Khan
   Dr.Sairah Qureshi


 We are working with Dr Aiman El Asam, Research Fellow at Kingston University Dept of Psychology to develop our data bank on bullying and in some exciting new work on cyberbullying and mental health.


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